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  • Double Ball Gag
    Double the fun with this double ball gag for both of you from the Fetish Fantasy Series. Place the firm rubber gag in your mouth and let your partner do the same, there is a strong tether made of rubber which is in the middle allowing you to be as close to your lover as you like. The nylon straps on the ball gags can be adjusted to suit most sizes. Silence is golden!
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Wrist To Neck Shackles
    These Wrist and Neck Shackles are a must for the avid bondage lover. The leather neck shackle is 2.5cm wide and has a centre D ring that allows the lightweight chain to slide back and forth. The wrist cuffs are 2.5cm wide and are attached to each end of the chain. Made out of the best Australian saddle leather around makes these fully adjustable bondage shackles strong yet supple.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Ball Gag
    A bright coloured leather strap ball gag which is fully adjustable.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Ball Gag & Dong
    A Ball Gag with Dong from the Fetish Fantasy Range. This 2 in 1 mouth gag has a smooth round gag for your partner and a firm thin dong for some in your face sexual pleasure. The dong is curved for g-spot and prostate stimulation.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Ball Gag Training System
    This ball gag is ideal for beginners who are new to being gagged. This ball gag training allows you to start with a small gag and gradually work up to the larger one. Non toxic plastic.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Beginners Bit Gag
    A firm bit gag ideal for gag beginners during bondage sex play. The vinyl straps can be easily adjusted, as they connect to the gag using a sturdy metal O ring. Made out of the same material as plastic PVC pipes. Can be used for long periods of time.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Collar with 3 Plates and Dees
    A sexy leather collar measuring 1", with 3 metal plates and dees. Perfect for all bondage play.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Collar with Dog Spikes and Centre Dees
    A 1" leather collar with dog spikes and centre dees. Perfect for the ladies who love bondage play.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Collar with Spikes and Centre Dee
    This collar measures 1.3/4". Made from the finest leather around and complete with silver spikes and centre dee.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Extreme Bondage Compliance Kit
    This detachable ball gag system is the perfect weapon to teach your partner how to many you happy and be your slave. Submission at your fingertips. You can control when and your lover speaks, giving you total control to explore your Bondage Pleasures.
    NZ$ 189.95 EA
  • Gag With Rubber Ball
    A real leather mouth gag with rubber ball and adjustable buckle.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Gag with Leather Wrapped O-Ring
    Leather gag with solid "O" ring. Made out of quality black leather. The strap can be adjusted.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Gag with Rubber Ball and Eye Mask
    A ball gag with eye mask. The rubber ball gag is attached to a leather eye mask. The buckle can be adjusted.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Head Job Ball Gag
    A Fetish Fantasy where you can ride his head with the Head Job Ball Gag with Dong. A new meaning to the saying 'Sit on your lovers face'. The firm rubber gag will keep them silent and submissive and of course under your every command. The 6.5" dildo is firm yet flexible, while the 2.5" rubber piece comfortably keeps your partner gagged. The head harness can be easily adjusted.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • Leather Ball Gag & Head Harness
    A leather ball gag and head harness, made from genuine leather. The Gag with rubber ball and head strap is adjustable with buckle.
    NZ$ 79.95 EA
  • Leather Gag & Dildo
    A gag and dildo made from Genuine leather with internal and external dildo, can be adjusted with buckle.
    NZ$ 149.95 EA
  • Leather Horse Bit Gag and Reins
    Horse bit gag with reins, adjustable with buckles made from genuine leather.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Leather Horse Bit Gag and Steel Tube
    A leather bit gag with a hollow metal bit wrapped in a leather sheath, a leather strap with adjustable buckle for sizing.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Leather Inflatable Gag
    Genuine leather gag with inflatable balloon and pump, adjustable with buckle.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • Leather Penis Gag
    Genuine leather penis gag with internal rubber dildo, adjustable with buckle.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Mouth Gag and Nipple Chain
    Leather strap ball gag with adjustable buckle for sizing. Attached to silver chained nipple clamps which can be removed.
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • PVC Animal Print Gag with Rubber Ball
    PVC gag with rubber ball and adjustable buckle for sizing.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA

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