Cyberskin Transformer Sleeve - Penis Sleeves

Cyberskin Transformer Sleeve
Extend your penis by 3 inches and enlarge the girth. Designed so that you can wear during sex, this transformer will turn your penis into the penis that you have always wanted. Made from Cyberskin material that mirrors the texture of a real penis. Fits you penis snugly just like a condom.

The penis sleeve can be trimmed so that this fits you perfectly. Comes complete with 1 oz of Climax lubricant and a 0.5 oz bottle of Renew talc which keeps the sleeve feeling velvety soft.

Product Information
3 Inches extension
Top Co
Him or Her:
What is it?
Extension condom
What's it for?
To lengthen and thicken the penis
Motion and Action:
Extends the penis 3 inches and enlarges girth
Main Features:
Cyber skin texture


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NZ$ 69.95
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