Dragonz Tale Anal Beads - Anal Beads

Dragonz Tale Anal Beads
Jelly Anal Beads with graduated pleasure beads and a ring at the end for easy control. Insert as many of the balls as you wish and pull them out one at a time while you reach orgasm.
The Dragonz Tale beaded jelly cord can be used on its own or to complement orgasms and unlike many other anal beads on the market, the Dragonz Tale is fact one piece. Instead of beads held together with string. The Tale is a 12 inch firm plastic cord with 10 hard beads that start at a small diameter (3/8 inch) and gradually grow to a whole inch at the base! Going from harder to "lose”, for definite bead pleasure!
You will need to use a water-based lubricant with this product!
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