Durex Play Longer Lubricant - Delay Creams

Durex Play Longer Lubricant
The top selling Play Longer Lubricant by Durex, which helps control climax. With a climax controlled lubricant resulting in a longer lasting sexual encounter. Add the lubricant to your penis to help delay premature ejaculation. This increasing your pleasure time, for you and your lady.

What is Durex Play Longer?

A Male genital desensitiser, which helps in the prevention of premature ejaculation in men. Also helps in the temporary prolonging of ejaculation. Helps to reduce over sensitivity before sex.

Main Active ingredient?
Benzocaine 7.5%
External use ONLY.
Safe for use with latex condoms only. 
Apply a small amount of cream to head and shaft of penis before sex, or as directed by your doctor.
Simply wash off after sex.
1 oz (28.4g)
Durex Play Longer
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