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Nexus Glide
The Glide is the best selling toy of the Nexus family. Its size and shape have made it a hit with beginners as a gentle, yet exciting introduction to anal play like never before.
(colours may vary) What is the Nexus Glide?
The Nexus Glide is the latest addition to the Nexus family of prostate massaging sex toys. The prostate is now well known to be a man's sexual centre, controlling his erections, ejaculation, and orgasms. The Nexus Glide has been medically designed to fit snugly around the prostate, locking on for maximum orgasmic pleasure. This male G-Spot stimulator works in harmony with your own body movements to tap into the extreme pleasure zones of the prostate gland, perineum, and anal area. The combined stimulation of these three hot spots creates far more intense, longer, and more pleasurable orgasms for men.

The Male G-Spot and the Nexus Glide
The male G-Spot has long been ignored by the mass public, much to the dismay of those who know it to be an exciting and interesting sexual adventure. The male G-Spot is the prostate gland, and is the entrance to the director’s suite of a man’s sexual centre: erections, orgasms, and ejaculation. The Nexus Glide gives you the combination to the complex lock of male sexuality. Take control!

How does the Nexus Glide work?
As the name suggests, there is a definite element of gliding involved. The perineum-stimulating stainless steel ball makes this prostate massager unique, incorporating the male G-Spot massage with delicate, almost tongue-like sensations on the perineum, the outer access to the male G-Spot. This ball bearing embedded in the perineum stimulator licks the perineum with short, firm strokes.

The prostate massager works by using your body’s own movements – voluntary and involuntary anal contractions – to stimulate the male G-Spot, also known as the prostate gland of men. The prostate gland is a man’s sexual centre, and controls his erections, ejaculations, and orgasms.

Who is the Nexus Glide for?
This toy is perfect for beginners to anal play, but will not disappoint more experienced users. With the smaller design, it fits easily into tight spaces, hitting the right spot every time. The ribs add extra sensations, and the ball bearing adds the glissade effect. This toy is for all men: straight, gay, or bi. It also works well when used with a partner, heightening the sensual experience and taking it to another level of intimacy and ecstasy.

The Nexus Glide Orgasms
The range of sensations available from the Nexus Glide are broad, and more than likely unique. Modern prostate massagers themselves are a new variant on an old trick - stimulating the male G-Spot through the anus for deeper, more fulfilling orgasms is not new, but the shape, texture, and precision is. The Nexus Glide makes it possible for men to have hands-free, full body, lengthy (up to two minutes) orgasms without ejaculating. This is not a trick, and can be done without the use of any male G-Spot massager though this takes practice to perfect. It is normally only achievable for ordinary men with the help of a sex toy.

An ordinary butt plug or dildo will not work the same way as a prostate massager for the simple reason they are not prostate massagers! A prostate massager is designed specifically for men, for use in the anus to stimulate the prostate gland (male G-Spot), perineum, and anal canal. These three trigger points help to catalyse the amazing and titillating orgasms oft referred to as 'super O's' or 'Big O's'. Whatever you call them, they rock!

Product Information
4.5 Inches
4 Inches
1.25 Inches
3.5 Inches
May Vary
Him or Her:
What is it?
Prostate Massager
What's it for?
Stimulating the G-spot
Motion and Action:
Vibrates and stimulates
Main Features:
Prostate point, handle for manual intervention

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