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Rhino Long Power Cream
RHINO is the gentle method of dealing directly and effectively with premature ejaculation. RHINO Cream is a preparation that was specially developed to deal with this problem that is very widespread among men and it is based on Chinese herbal remedies.
The combined power of the most modern dermatological knowledge with the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine distilled over thousands of years gives RHINO its preventative effect and ensures that it really works against premature ejaculation.

USE & DOSAGE: RHINO Cream is used before sex. Spread the cream thinly on the glans penis and on the area immediately below the glans (the fraenulum band of the foreskin) massage it in. Allow the effect to unfold for 15 minutes the cream has now soaked into the skin of the penis thoroughly and can develop its full local anaesthetic effect. Ensure that the cream is washed off the penis and the glans before the sexual act. The beneficial effect can be enhanced by a repeated application shortly before the sexual act. RHINO Cream is effective in preventing premature ejaculation. By using it you will achieve long continued staying power, increased pleasure and anxiety-free sexual intercourse.

Is preventative and effective against premature ejaculation. Greater sexual staying power. Greater sexual pleasure. The positive ejaculation delaying effect of RHINO Cream has been scientifically tested.

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