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Risky Or Frisky Sex Game
We love the Risky or Frisky Sex Game. Do you have close friends, friends you would like to get to know better? Become very good friends after playing Risky Or Frisky. A board game for couples who want to lose those inhibitions and have some fun! Adult fun! Unadulterated fun!

Game includes

8 Pieces
100 Cards
100 Question Cards
28 Ownership Cards
2 Dice
1 Set of Rules

2-8 Players Required

As you throw the dice you will move around the board by using the naughty Notes. to win the game you must make the most money from purchasing businesses in the Adult Industry. 

The R or F Cards these can help or hinder your progress so be careful, the cards will try to take away your money, clothes and inhibitions and even tempt you with more money by having you perform cheeky challenges. So much fun!


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