Adult Parties - We Come To You!

Interested in hosting your own Adult Sex Toy Party, with the help of one of our 'Sales Agents'?

An Adult Boutique Party makes for a fabulous hen night or special birthday occasion!! Who needs a reason to party? Book your party today!
Why host one of our parties??
*Parties can be as tame or wild as you like. You are in charge of the nibbles and drinks available.
*You can invite as many of your friends as you wish. (A minimum of 10 required, preferably 12+ - all interested and willing to buy some sex toys)
*Receive a HOSTESS discount if the order on the night goes over $500. (The Hosts order does not count towards the sales total)
*Typical booking slot for a party is 3 hours, this gives our agent time to do a presentation on the sex toys available, your guests time to order and pay discreetly if required, and we will even throw in some naughty party games to keep everyone entertained!
*A complimentary gift once guests have spent $500, valued at $40!
*Choose whether you want ALL orders on the night sent directly to YOU, so that you can disperse them out to your friends OR if PRIVACY is a must WE will send all orders to your friends individually with FREE postage.
*You could be partying this weekend.
*Our Sales Agent/Consultant will ensure that you have a night to remember!
*Simply contact us below quoting 'Adult Toy Party', let us know your prefered date/s and where you live and we will have a Sales Agent available in your area contact you as soon as possible with further details.
Sales Agents/Consultants now needed throughout New Zealand.
 For more information and to apply please contact us below quoting 'Adult Sales Consultant'.


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