Dildos & Dongs


A dildo is a sex toy that resembles a penis in shape, size and overall appearance. Many people choose a dildo as it is far more realistic than a vibrator. Let's face it, a penis doesn't vibrate, so a dildo is a good choice for those that require the closest sex toy to the 'real thing'. A dildo can be inserted into the vagina or the anus. Or for those with fetishes, a dildo can be used to stroke the body during foreplay or as a gag to silent your lover. Dildos are also used to search for the infamous g-spot.

We have double ended dildos, glass dildos, realistic dildos and unusual dildos. Double ended dildos are very popular in lesbian relationships, as 2 women can use a double ender at the same time during sex. With a glass dildo you can enjoy a firmer thrust, you can heat your glass dildo in the microwave or cool it down in the freezer, offering 2 very different sexual sensations. Some partners even get a personalised inscription placed on a glass dildo, offering this as an intimate present with a difference. A realistic dildo offers the size, texture and veins of a real penis, making this the perfect replacement to the real thing.


  • Double Dildos - Mens & Womens Double-Ended Dildo | Adult Boutique
    A double penetration dildo allows for vagina-vagina, anus-anus and vagina-anus.
  • Glass Dildos: Rock Hard, Toy Joy, Martina Warren | Adult Boutique
    A glass dildo is made of pyrex glass. A solid dildo guaranteed to get you off.
  • Realistic Dildos: Might Joe Dong, Big Ben Penis, Emporer 6inch, Real Feel Dong - Dildo Shop Online
    Looks and feels just like the real thing.
  • Unusual Dildos - Odd Shapes, Sizes, Colours | Adult Boutique
    A horses dick? A whales penis? The fist? A prostitude? What are you looking for?