Sex Position Of The Month

The Drill - Jan 2011 - Happy New Year

This one means business when it comes to deeper penetration sexual position, hence its name. With legs up and stretched wide open, she takes him in as he rests his legs on her shoulders. This may not look idyllic for some, but its worth trying for all its respects. His testicles rhythmically and swiftly touching her gluteus as he pulls out from her vagina and shovels up her anus for that twist of pleasure, she touches herself and draws him close to her flaring body.

The Rodeo - Feb 2011

This time around she leans backwards supporting her arms on his outstretched legs. This way her partner gains access to her breasts as she moves her gluteus in circular movements (swaying). His penis can only go so far in this position, which might be a bonus for both in this sexual position.

The Deep Stick - March 2011

He props himself up while she rests her legs on his shoulders in a sexual charged position. To do so renderig sex- pace control easier. The penetrative angle of sex is bound to remain deep largely due to her leg angle.
Holding his legs she reaches him better imposing her rhythm. The clitorial stimulation enhances along as her leg-opening squeezes him tightly inside. A woman who fancies showing off her womanly skills of sex, can play with herself for their delight.

The Wheelbarrow - April 2011

With forearms leaning on the edge of bed, she gets heaved up by him who by standing behind penetrates her while lifting her body weight. Both pleasure and stimulation concentrate on the genitals, but the man sets the pace in drawing her body closer. This sexual position enables an awesome variety of movements and sensations such as circular, ascending and descending, or opening and closing legs. In case of pain in the wide open leg version the woman may close her legs and lean on bed with the penis already in.

The Pyramid - May 2011

For those couples who make no bones having a wild moment of sex. This sex-position calls for a good deal of flexibility, by no means less pleasurable. As sex-partners lie down lengthwise with heads on opposite directions, he lifts one of her legs up entering her from a tight angle. It enables him to stimulate her vagina's anterior wall, therein lies her G-spot. However demanding as far as sex-acrobatics go, this sexual-position would heighten sex-arousal in any self-proclaimed Casanova.

The Pyramid Sex Position

The Acrobatic - June 2011

This one demands less flexibility from her, thus enables a better range of sex-motion. Therein lies an angle of penetrative sex that further stimulates the G-Spot. In this sexual position his penis goes up against her vagina's anterior wall for pressing her right buttons. Meanwhile she should keep her balance up by resting on her arms, thus setting the pace for penetrative sex while he fondles her breasts and stimulates her on the clitoris.


The Arch - July 2011

A good variation of the traditional "missionary" that with a tiny adaptation yields sensations two-fold. The woman lies on her back with legs bend open and arms behind her hips. As he gets set for penetration, she thrusts her hips forward lodging herself between his bent legs. Her satisfaction lies in such deep penetration and the sensations from feeling her labia and clitoris engulfed by his skin's contact. Its tiresome demand can be rewarded by the awesome orgasmic outcome.

The Arch

The Screw - Aug 2011

Highly recommendable for women with orgasm difficulties. As in all positions that squeeze the clitoris between the labia, this one enables her to contract and relax it at will. She lies with legs bend to one side (as preference) as he penetrates kneeling down in front of her whilst fondling her breasts.

The Screw

The Surprise - Sept 2011

The most suitable for lovers of raw and downright primitive Sex. Standing behind he penetrates her while grabbing her hips. She in turn slowly bends forward as far as touching the ground. He takes her over from behind so as to impose his pace. The pleasure for her lies in the vaginal opening angle that as narrow promotes such a delightful sensation for most women.
As for him the pleasure is in the glans that frets back and forth caressing her clitoris as he pleases in the most audacious thrusts. Besides, his field of view scans her anus, gluteus and back muscles, all of which highly erogenous areas. His exerted control and her exhilarating relax can
render her anuses probing easier, for one well lubricated finger up the honey-ring can make wonders for both parties.

The Reverse Missionary - Oct 2011

In this variation of the classic position the woman plays a dominant part, which renders it highly exciting. In so far as the woman easily rubs her clitoris against her partner's belly, as she feels fit. Being ideal for those women in need of direct stimulation of the clitoris and labia to reach orgasm. Besides it enables the man to grab her gluteus drawing her close for further stimulation.

Mr. Lollipop - Nov 2011

His turn for a mouth. Depending on personal taste the old blow job can be performed on various spots. From the shaft up to the head and then working on it with the tongue, or all the way round to finish it off with balls and bum licking. She can also rub her breasts on you and let her nipples drag on your penis.

The Lollipop