Sex Games

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  • Nookii Confidential Sex Game
    The Nookii Confidential sex game is one of our most exciting sex games yet. Role play with this sex game as Double O Heaven and receive secret coded messages which contain naughty instructions which will have you doing some very imaginative maneouvres. There are 3 stages of missions the brief encounter, secret rendevous and deep cover.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Risky Or Frisky Sex Game
    We love the Risky or Frisky Sex Game. Do you have close friends, friends you would like to get to know better? Become very good friends after playing Risky Or Frisky. A board game for couples who want to lose those inhibitions and have some fun! Adult fun! Unadulterated fun!
    NZ$ 119.95 EA
  • 7 Deadly Sins Sex Game
    This sex Game is hilarious, testing the knowledge of naughtiness and willingness to act out some outrageous deadly sins, a game for 2-20 players. One example includes the Lust sin - Dare you Touch yourself inappropriately every time someone lands on a lust square?
    NZ$ 139.95 EA
  • Dirty Minds Game
    The game of naughty clues. Invite your friends over and see who's got a dirty mind. This adult game of naughty clues will expose the naughty from the angelic. Players read clues to their friends who try to guess the subject. But these are no ordinary clues! They may lead you to believe that you have indeed got a dirty mind!
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Monogamy Sex Game
    Our top selling sex board game. An international winner. This is the hottest sex game you will ever play. Monogamy sex game will have you loving, laughing and lusting after your partner. As you progress through the game, you'll experience new and exciting challenges which involve physical and verbal play.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Lust Board Game
    Lust is a sex game that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your partner. Progress around the board, as you land on various spaces you select cards that have you and your partner acting out or sharing various romantic and sexual indulgences with each other.
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
  • Mile High Club
    ‘Mile High Club’ is an adult game for 2 players involving saucy fun, foreplay activities and ultimately arriving at the winning ‘Mile High’ section of the gameboard.

    Whether in Economy or Business class, the journey is guaranteed to be pleasurable and the experiences along the way to achieving ‘Mile High’ status are always first class.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Nookii Sex Game
    Nookii is a game for couples and a must-have for a playful night in with a loved one.
    The game has been designed to appeal to two adults and the time they share together, as an extra fun means to flavour your love life.

    There is no board in the Nookii game, you move around each other, according to the specially scripted fun Nookii cards.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
  • Sensual Romance Game
    Add a little fun to your love life with this fun, erotic board game for 2 players. Take turns in spinning the twister and follow the trail to its, and your, climax!

    Can easily turn from a romantic tease and please into a sensual get together where the winner picks his or her reward....
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Sex Board Game
    Having sold over 1 million worldwide the hugely popular adult card game Sex! is now also a steamy hot board game!

    As you move around the board, you and your lover engage in erotic foreplay and tantalizing treats. Earn sex position cards by correctly answering sex trivia questions.

    You and your lover win when you complete and carry out a fantasy of 6 sex positions.
    NZ$ 99.95 EA