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Mens sex toys, from the huge selection available at Adult Boutique. Below you will find categories such as Penis Pumps, Cock Rings, Penis Sleeves, Male Masturbators including Vibrating Vaginas and famous brands such as Tenga and Fleshlight. We are constantly updating our products and we aim to bring you the most popular male sex toys from around the world.

Male masturbation involves holding the penis with a loose fist and moving the hand up and down the shaft until orgasm is achieved. Why stop there? You don't have to use your hand anymore. Sex toys for men are now more popular than ever. The Fleshlight male masturbator has now sold over 4 million units worldwide. This masturbator consists of a flashlight design with a realistic vagina sleeve inside. This sleeve is used with flesh-like material giving you the feel of the 'real thing'. Proving more and more popular, this mastubator can be purchased as a vagina, a mouth and an anus with many different sleeve textures. For those who have a fantasy involving a famous porn star, then why not try one of the Fleshlight Girls.

Perhaps you are looking for a Penis Pump to help achieve a bigger penis? Our top selling penis pump is the Bathmate Water Based Penis Enlarger. The Bathmate is taking the world by storm, being the first ever penis enlarger based on hydraulics. The Bathmate gives instant and sustainable results and in most cases is pleasurable and comfortable to use.

  • Fleshlight Masturbation Kit - #1 Mens Sex Toys NZ | Adult Boutique
    With over 4 million Fleshlights now sold worldwide, have you bought yours yet?
  • Fleshlight Girls - Hottest Internet Models | Adult Boutique
    Fleshlights which are molded after popular American porn stars.
  • Fleshjack Mens Sex Toys - Fleshlight Masturbator | Adult Boutique
    This is the same as a Fleshlight but is marketed towards gay men.
  • Fleshlight Inserts & Accessories - NZ Adult Toys | Adult Boutique
    Separate Fleshlight Inserts for your Fleshlight canister. Try different feels and textures.
  • Cock Rings, Penis Rings & Related Male Toys | Adult Boutique
    Do you want to maintain an erection for a much longer period of time?
  • Male Masturbators - Masterbation Toys For Boys | Adult Boutique
    General male masturbator devices to help achieve that perfect orgasm.
  • Penis Pumps & Penis Enlargers- Male Enhancement | Adult Boutique
    Are you happy with your penis size? Have you dreamt of an extra inch or 2? Try a penis pump today and see what results you achieve.
  • Penis Sleeves & Extensions - Mens Sex Toys  | Adult Boutique
    Extend the length of your penis using one of our popular penis sleeves.
  • Screaming-O Vibrating Cock Rings / Penis Rings | Adult Boutique
    Vibrating cock rings for enhanced pleasure.
  • Tenga Flip Hole - Tenga Flip Masturbator - Male Masterbation Toys - Adult Sex Toys NZ
    A popular male masturbation brand.
  • Fake Vaginas - Artificial Virgin Vaginas / Pussy | Adult Boutique
    They look and feel like the real thing!
  • Vibrating Vaginas & Ass: Fake or The Real Thing? | Adult Boutique
    Vibrating vaginas made to life-size, to make you feel like you are having sex with a real woman.