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V-RX Delay. Delay Cream
Applied directly to the penis, V-RX delay cream will temporarily desensitise the penis, enabling more staying power and a cure for premature ejaculation. V-RX delay cream is a potent delay cream that will have you lasting long enough to give hours of pleasure.

V-RX Delay cream is so powerful only a small amount is required. The cream can be washed away 5 minutes after application to leave no traces. Because the cream is absorbed quickly due to its formulation, we are able to bring you a product that is within the legal requirements for it's active ingredients Lidocaine. Some products have crude delivery systems compensated for by high levels of Lidocaine which can cause unpleasant side effects. V-RX delay cream is the safest solution on the market in the prevention of premature ejaculation.

V-RX delay cream works by numbing the head of the penis, but allowing the sensation throughout the shaft and testicle region.

Apply a small amount to the end of the penis 10 minutes before intimacy. The penis will begin to feel less sensitive after 3-5 minutes. We recommend washing the end of the penis prior oral sex. Do not begin intercourse until 10 minutes after the product has been applied , unless it has been washed. We recommend not washing the end of the penis until 5 minutes after application to ensure efficacy.


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